Fishing Artifact

Two new alternate colours to the under light Angler Fishing Artifact.

Five new fishing NPCs appeared across the Broken Isles last week with the patch (though one appeared a bit earlier than expected), each with their own faction grind. Only one of these Fisher friends, as they are known, show up per day. They require you to fish up 560 rep items each fishing artifact. When you max out rep with each one, you unlock a special bobber for your fishing line. And when you max out rep with all five, you unlock the Fisher friend of the Isles achievement. The achievement grants you the under light Emerald, allowing you to colour your under light Angler in fishing artifact.

fishing artifact

Gaining fishing artifact

There’s only a 7% base catch rate for these rep items, and each Fisher friend only spawns once every five days. Because of this, you’d think it might take a while to unlock the under light Emerald, but never underestimate the Wow community in fishing artifact. It’s already been achieved within a week of the patch launch. That’s some dedicated Anglin’. It doesn’t hurt that other rep items you can purchase from the Fisher friends include the Ghost Shark battle pet and a Trawler Totem that grants 10 fishing skill to everyone around you.

For a guide on where to find each NPC, what they sell, and to turn into them, check out Wow head’s Fisher friend guide for fishing artifact.

Fishing Artifact

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