Night Fishing Trout Lures

I love night fishing. Most of the times it's because I don't get to go out and fish during the day because of my work, but now there's more to it than just the convenience. I've observed that night fishing offers you the same conditions as daytime, but with generally better results. Sometimes I can swear the fishing conditions are even better during the night, since there are fewer anglers to compete with for a good fishing spot, and less noise as well.

Night Fishing trout lures

I?ve also come to realize that when you find a good fishing spot during the day, coming back to it at night will net you even more fish. Although I can?t explain why the fish just seem to bite more at night. One little drawback though is that it?s harder to see your line, but since you?re getting a lot of fish, it?s worth the effort. For this reason, perhaps, I?ve seen a lot of daytime fishermen turn to night fishing. When I asked one why he just said it makes him look good because he catches more fish that way!

If you want to try night fishing, I say full speed ahead! But make sure that the weather forecast for that night is good. It?s going to be difficult enough moving about and finding things in the dark; when you go out night fishing during bad weather, it just makes it worse and more dangerous. I know this sounds elementary, but you?d be surprised at the number of anglers who forget this very simple rule.

Here?s one tip to make your night fishing even better: Watch the moon! You might be thinking it sounds a bit crazy, but try it and see for yourself. You?ll be surprised at the things you might learn. One thing you?re most likely to notice is that most fish hide in the shadows during a full moon. I can?t tell you why because I don?t know myself, but that?s what I and my night fishing friends have observed, anyway. So now when you find some shadows on the water, you?ll know where to cast your line.

If there are no shadows and the moon isn?t shining down on the water, it will make your task of finding the fish a bit harder, but that doesn?t mean you?re out of luck and have to return another evening. The fish seems more likely to bite anytime it?s not a full moon or if it?s partially hidden by clouds. So now you?ll know how to determine which fishing spot will be more likely to get you better results. If the moon is shining full and bright, go for the shadows in the water. If it?s hidden or even nowhere to be seen, just go to your favorite fishing spot and expect lots of hits on the line.

I?ve heard a lot of anglers say that they only fish during a full moon, while others say that no moon is the best time for night fishing. What I?d recommend to you is to go out into the night and try both. You will get good results, whether it?s a full moon or night. All you have to remember is to adjust your fishing technique and change your fishing spots, depending on how much the moon is shining during the night.

Night Fishing Trout Lures

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