Striped Bass Fishing: A Year-Round Sport

Fishermen around the world all fish for different things and everyone has their favorites fish to harvest from the lakes, rivers, and seas of the world. However, perhaps no fish is more famous for both sport and career than the bass. Specifically, the striped bass, which can be found not only all over America but in other parts of the world as well.

Striped bass fishing is a time-honored past time that goes back to the times of native people. When European settlers arrived, it quickly became apparent that striped bass were some of the most delicious meals possible.

Striped Bass Fishing

Since these fish multiple quickly, grow to a heart size, and are good fun to catch, people began introducing them to other regions outside of the Atlantic coast. Today you can find bass swimming in the oceans, lakes, and streams of not only the west coast but also much farther inland. In fact, one of the biggest bass ever caught on record (Nearly 61 pounds) was swimming around Colorado.

Suffice to say, just about every fisherman knows a thing or two about catching a hearty bass. Whether they do it for sport or to feed their families, every person has their go-to baits and methods. Not to mention their favorite spots!

Typically, the type of bait used to catch striped bass are what are their prey in that particular region. You see, it?s important to keep in mind that bass are formidable predators in their local ecosystems. Depending on where you are, you may want to use anchovies, eels, clams, herring, sandworms, bloodworms, nightcrawlers, or whatever else would be delicious to a bass in your area.

When it comes to tracking and catching such a fish, however, you need to know the migratory cycle of them in your area. Bass are highly migratory, but predictably so. Depending on where you live, it may be as simple as going upriver or down to the docks. But if you live by the coast, then bass may go clear to the other end of the country!

Get familiar with the patterns of the bass in your area. Know when they are in your area ? if they?re around during the fall, then you?re in luck, as that?s when they?re the most likely to break the surface and be on the move.

The key to striped bass fishing isn?t just knowing when they?re around and what bait you should use. There is a lot of skill involved, particularly with the equipment you know to use and the timing at which you try to reel them in. Experienced fishermen know that a lot of trial and error goes into catching the perfect specimen.

Fishing is a sport that can be enjoyed by yourself, with your friends, or your children/parents. Half of the fun sometimes isn?t in the actual fishing, but in the socializing that goes into the day. Pack your favorite snacks and start tracking some bass today. Who knows? You may bring home the next whopper!

Striped Bass Fishing: A Year-Round Sport

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