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In my previous articles, I talked about fishing fails, talked about line groups, talked about fishing, talked about and so on. Today, I will talk about avoiding fishing fails”bait nests.” Feeding baits are also called “fighting nests.” Whether it is wild fishing or black pits, whether it is river fishing or lake banks, it is one of the important materials for our fishing. We use it to achieve the goal of gathering fish and fish, and even in some special fish situations, we can use the means to achieve the purpose of attracting non-target fish and catching the target fish.

fishing fail

However, it is not suitable to use bait nests for poly fish and fish in all circumstances. So, what kind of situation is suitable for delivery and what is not suitable for delivery?

When the fish in the black pit fishing have not been caught or hit by fishing rods; leading to fishing fails

The density of fish in black pits or culture ponds is usually very high. When the fish is healthy and active, the fish either swim around or concentrate on certain areas for rest and feeding. At this time, the bait nest can be appropriately placed to achieve the purpose of poly fish. However, when the fish in the ponds were repeatedly caught or scratched and fished, the vigilance of the fish rose, and the fish’s food intake and appetite for the injury decreased. At this time, the decoy nests have caused deterrence to the fish. Moreover, in some pits with small friends, you vote for me to vote for fish. The fish is not short of food.

2 wild pits and ponds when fishing to avoid fishing fails;

Wild fishing grounds such as wild pits and ponds are natural fishing grounds that everyone loves. There are many types of fish in the waters of these fishing grounds. Although bait nests can be used to attract fish, pay attention to the method. For example, when the fish are too large, they may not cast or throw fish near the fishing spot to divert the fish. You can also put some grainy nests to reduce some fogging effects, reduce the swarming of small fish, and increase the number of nests under the water. Persistence.

3 smooth water flow in the river;

Fishing in rivers, because some sections of the river are over-emphasized, the bait used to feed the fish will be quickly dispersed by the water stream. Therefore, the water should be placed at the back of the bay where the water flow is relatively slow.

fishing fails

4 At the time of the close combat in the lake bank;

The lake pool is a fishing paradise for all anglers. It is rich in fish species and has large collections. Because of the vast waters of the lake, the fish swims rarely receive restrictions. Therefore, before the fishing, decoy nests can be used for poly fish. The fish can be put in halfway and can be fished on some steep slopes. Bean cake punch reels are used to feed bait nests to prevent them from slipping off the fishing spot.

5 appropriate to put in the spring and autumn season, less or not cast in summer and winter season;

In the spring and autumn season, the fish in the wild-fishing waters are in a relatively high period of time to eat and live. Therefore, it is usually possible to achieve a more satisfactory effect when the fish is put into the fish trap. However, the types of nests to be put in and controlled by the fish should be controlled. Delivery volume. In the summertime, the fish in the diving area usually gathers in the daytime, and the feeding of fish bait may attract small groups of fish. This will cause trouble for fishing and eating more clumsy fish unless there is a large fish in the nest. It can be improved, but in some water areas, large objects can be encountered but cannot be obtained, and trade-offs should be made appropriately. Summer night fishing often encounters shrimp prawns, which are also not suitable for putting too many nests. The activity of fish in winter is very low, and the amount of cruising and feeding are at a low level. Feeding the bait not only fails to achieve the ideal poly fish effect but may result in the feeding of underwater fish or disturbing underwater fish.

fishing fails

These are my conclusions on the launching of nesting trails in fishing in different environments. I hope that I can help the majority of my friends.

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