Terraria fishing quests

The terraria fishing quests is an NPC that doesn’t sell anything, but rather assigns quests to players. Quest objectives generally involve catching him rare fish from particular biomes, for which he dispenses various rewards.

On the Desktop version and Console version, he will throw Frost Daggerfish at nearby enemies when threatened.

The Angler is first encountered as terraria fishing quests randomly sleeping on the sand or on the water surface of a terraria fishing quests. He will move in when:

  • There is an empty House.
  • The player has interacted with him and woken him up


Completing the terraria fishing quests quickly

Who thought the 200 terraria fishing quests quest achievement was a good idea? I hate them. I hate having to wait 24 minutes just to face another terrible RNG. It took me over 60 angler quests before I finally had all the items to make the fish finder so I could finish making the cell phone. That’s 24 hours in real time. So frustrating.

Thankfully, I found a way to complete the rest of the quests much faster and get the achievement. It’s still a grind, and it’ll still take at least a few hours, but it sure beats doing it the normal way.

Hopefully by now, you’ve got a full set of terraria fishing quests clothes, a golden fishing rod, and you made a tacklebox. Having all these items makes this go even faster, but they’re not technically necessary.

Step 1: Turn on autopause. This pauses the in-game timer whenever you’re doing anything inventory related.
Step 2: Equip all your terraria fishing quests gear.
Step 3: Grab your piggy bank or flying piggy bank summoner.
Step 4: Clear out your piggy bank by dumping its contents into a chest.
Step 5: If you’re using a bed as your spawn, reset your spawn to the default.
Step 6: Put a chest next to the default spawn.
Step 7: Talk to the terraria fishing quests at exactly 4:30 am (in-game time) and get his quest for the day.
Step 8: Go get the fish he wants. Don’t turn it in. Stay at your fishing hole.
Step 9: Deploy your piggy bank or flying piggy bank and put the quest fish inside. THIS IS IMPORTANT. It will allow you to get another quest fish.
Step 10: Keep fishing. Each time you get another quest fish, put it in the piggy bank. Do this until you have completely filled the piggy bank. Grab one extra quest fish for yourself.
Step 11: Teleport back to spawn.
Step 12: Deposit all the quest fish in the chest.
Step 13: Go talk to the terraria fishing quests and turn in your quest fish.
Step 14: Log off your character.
Step 15: Create 40 new characters (one for each slot in the chest of quest fish). Name them 01-40 so you can easily keep track.
Step 16: Log in with 01, grab a quest fish from the chest, give it to the terraria fishing quests, collect the rewards, and log off. Then do the same with 02, 03, etc until you have turned all of the quest fish in.
Step 17: Repeat steps 7 through 16 (skipping step 15 of course) until you get the terraria fishing quests’s 200 quest achievement.

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